Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Carl Broemel - "All Birds Say"

Carl Broemel, the guitarist for My Morning Jacket released his debut solo album All Birds Say last week on ATO Records. The lush arrangements and varied instrumentation on this collection of modern folk speak volumes of his experiences writing and touring with My Morning Jacket and with his previous band, the highly under-appreciated Old Pike.

Opening the album, the instrumental title track, “All Birds Say” features gentle, acoustic guitar that leads into the next track, “Life Leftover”, a meditative M. Ward-like tune with excellent harmonies. The laid-back, slow waltz of “In The Garden” follows with pedal steel and features Carl’s father, a former member of the Indianapolis Symphony, who lends his bassoon, clarinet and baritone sax to create a lush atmosphere. “Carried Away” also boasts an elegant atmosphere, featuring vibraphone, to go along with its easy-going country charm. The first single, “Heaven Knows” features breezy Hawaiian melodies and whistling, giving the standout track a timeless quality. “Questions” is classic, “tear-in-your-beer” Country through and through with all of the instrumental adornments you would expect but with enough of a modern tilt to avoid anything resembling pastiche. Another standout, “Different People”, again features brass and woodwinds from Carl’s father for a jazzy moment. Album closer “Retired” is a contemplative and orchestrated waltz with twinkling piano and gorgeous vocal harmonies.

The songs on All Birds Say are natural, subtle and organic; they unfold with ease like classic records of the past with carefully composed layers for a rewarding listen each time.

Download "Heaven Knows" here: http://www.girlieaction.com/music/carl_broemel/downloads/Heaven_Knows.mp3

For more info click here: http://carlbroemel.com/web/ and http://atorecords.com/


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