Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dax Riggs - "Say Goodnight To The World"

Dax Riggs, formerly of Acid Bath and deadboy & the Elephantmen is set to release his second solo album Say Goodnight To The World today on Fat Possum Records. He mixes his love for the dark side of the blues with haunting soul and punk grit as his impressive voice evokes the hidden beauty in his poetic lyrics.

The title track “Say Goodnight To The World” struts in with heavy blues and a howl for a fitting introduction to the eclectic album. “You Were Born To Be My Gallows” is atmospheric with soaring vocals laced with an ominous tone reminiscent of Glenn Danzig. Contrastingly dark and poppy, “Gravedirt On My Blue Suede Shoes” is set apart with pounding honky-tonk piano and broke-down guitar solos. “Like Moonlight” is brooding and plodding with an ethereal drone and darkly romantic vocals. On “No One Will Be a Stranger”, Riggs breaks out his best Bowie for a glammy rave-up with brighter, chugging guitars. His voice never sounds better than on his visceral death-blues rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel”, reaching emotional heights the King never imagined. “Sleeping With The Witch” follows with druggy 60’s psychedelic rock and a delirious refrain. The bouncy pop and scuzzy swagger of “Let Me Be Your Cigarette” is closest to his work under the deadboy moniker. And album closer “See You All In Hell or New Orleans” is a somber candlelit blues-ballad fit for closing time at a smoke-filled back-alley bar.

With Say Goodnight To The World, yet another solid outing for Dax Riggs, he proves his voice and style transcend any name he puts on his music.

Download "No One Will Be A Stranger" here: http://www.fatpossum.com/system/assets/files/55/original/06_No_One_Will_Be_A_Stranger.mp3

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/daxriggs and http://www.fatpossum.com/


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