Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pierce The Veil - "Selfish Machines"

It has been three long years but Pierce The Veil have finally returned with their long-awaited sophomore album, Selfish Machines, out now on Equal Vision Records. The long period of time between albums allowed the forward-thinking band time to mature and fine tune their sound over several tours. Also with some songs being written on the piano as opposed to guitar and with production from Mike Green (Paramore, Set Your Goals) the album has a slightly poppier feel but without losing any of their post-hardcore aggression and emotion.

Album opener, “Besitos” explodes with frenetic fretwork and percussion with pretty piano and enough brutality to balance it all out. “Southern Constellations” is a short interlude that builds into “The Boy Who Could Fly” which stands out as the perfect definition of Pierce The Veil’s sound with screamed and sung vocals blending with poppy moments and a heavy breakdown before ending with a 30 second atmospheric outro with bending guitars. The upbeat “Caraphernelia” combines layers of vocals and includes a dual organ and guitar solo; while “Fast Times At Clairemont High” features a super-catchy chorus along with a neck-snapping beat for two standout moments on an album filled with inventive song structures and instrumentation that defies classification. For further proof, check out the processed vocals and Spanish instrumentation on “The New National Anthem” and the invincible pop chops on display on “Bulletproof Love”. Finally, the band shows off its versatility with the soaring and emotional piano-led ballad “Stay Away From My Friends”.

Selfish Machines easily avoids the sophomore slump and sets the expectations for the band even higher.

Download "The Boy Who Could Fly" here: http://www.equalvision.com/ptvmail/3TheBoyWhoCouldFly.mp3

For more info click here: http://www.piercetheveil.net/ and www.myspace.com/piercetheveil and http://www.equalvision.com/


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