Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kris N. - "Lo-Fi Movement"

Sometimes it’s just right there in front of you…

I recently discovered Kris N. opening for Love Of Everything here in Dayton. Kris N. creates lo-fi acoustic bedroom pop, recorded in his kitchen on Dayton’s Poptek Records. The album has an open-room sound with tape noise and a first take quality that brings honesty to the songs of nostalgia and life and love.

The nine-song album opens with the short self-depreciating “B-side” with the clever refrain of “This is a B-side at best.”, and later the song is reprised as a beautiful ambient instrumental. The title track, “Lo-fi Movement” features raucous guitars and enough clattering and natural reverb to live up to its name. The low-key melodies inch their way into your brain and stay there, such as the catchy and nostalgic standout “Turning 31” and “Pollard’s Old Drunk Drivers”, which features Kris’s kids laughing and talking in the background with steady acoustic strumming and a simple keyboard melody. Another standout is the introspective slow jam “Saturday Girls”. And “Mustache Jesus” closes out the album with an upbeat and poppy sing-along.

Kris N. makes music for late nights and long drives and he makes a lot of it. Go to to sign up for the Poptek Song of the Week email list and pick up Lo-Fi Movement on CD or digitally.

Download "Pollard's Old Drunk Drivers" here:

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