Thursday, July 29, 2010

Enlou - "Body of Friends, Body of Water" EP

Less than a year after the release of their debut EP, Cincinnati’s Enlou return with a new EP Body of Friends, Body of Water, out this week on Lujo Records. The 5-song EP improves upon their already lush and psychedelic rhythm-driven indie-pop and was mixed and mastered by T.J. Lipple of Aloha.

The first single, “Amphibian” opens the EP with counteracting guitar tones, one tinny and vibrant, the other a spooky baritone along with haunted harmonies and a slippery pace. Standout track “Ghost of Peace” is twitchy and sparkling with an immediate lively melody and ends before you are ready for it to. Like a humid day at the beach, “Mountain Thoughts” features guitars as shimmering as the heat coming off of the water, a pulsing beat and hazy, sun-drenched harmonies along with lyrics that wax upon simpler, younger days. Like all of their songs, “Potluck” is intelligently layered with a beach-y rhythm and each ringing vibraphone note in its place. And “Creatures of Insight” is kaleidoscopic and atmospheric with earnest vocals and galloping tom-heavy drums and crashing cymbals, closing the EP with the building anticipation for a proper full-length at full boil.

Download "Amphibian" here:

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