Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Friday: Mace Ballard - "The Time It Takes To Rewind" EP

Pittsburgh's Mace Ballard are an energetic and super-catchy pop-punk band with screamo and hardcore moments mixed in for good measure. They are offering their new EP The Time It Takes To Rewind as a free download on their website.

Fans of Four Year Strong, Close Your Eyes, and early New Found Glory and Brand New should find enough common ground to get down with Mace Ballard!

A couple of standout tracks are the speedy "Newsflash" with its bright, anthemic melodies with contrasting screamo breakdown and surprising guitar solo. And "Double Negative" features infectious vocal harmonies and a positive message. Also, a humorous 13-second track titled, "Spell Check"is just the band chanting out the spelling of the band's name!

Download the free EP here: now before they hit it big and start making you pay for it!


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