Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Friday: De Novo Dahl - "Tigerlion"

De Novo Dahl have taken to to give away their third full-length album, Tigerlion for free download. The new album shows a new found maturity while also retaining the perfect playful pop sense that made them such an attraction. Released from their ill-fitting contract with metal label Roadrunner Records, and now signed to Nashville's Theory 8 Records, the band seems ready for a fresh start.

Album opener "Two Thirds" employs a big beat and reverb-drenched vocals for a psychedelic vibe. The gentle stomp of the wistful banjo-led "City Driver" stands out as one of the more "mature" moments on the album. "1918" is reminiscent of the Super Furry Animals and features catchy boy/girl vocals on the chorus along with rubbery synths and strings. Another standout track is "For Richard Harper" with its glammy chorus, stuttering beat and disco guitars and yelps. And the old school hip-hop inspired "Don't Kill Yourself" is a top-down summer anthem!

Download Tigerlion here: where you can name your price, including nothing but it is definitely worth more than that!


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