Wednesday, May 05, 2010

3 Songs: New Music

1. Discover America - "Force of Proper Wind" (Chris Staples, formerly of Telekinesis and Twothirtyeight offers his second mostly acoustic, bedroom-pop solo effort under the Discover America moniker for Lujo Records.)


2. Elk City - "Jerks On Ice" (Features the creative fretwork of Sean Eden, formerly of Luna matched with Renée LoBue's emotional vocal seduction, sounding like a female-fronted National.)


3. Woodsman - "When The Morning Comes" (First track from their hazy new Mystery Tape EP out 6/1 on Lefse. The band features 2 drummers and 2 multi-instrumentalists for a unique sound and live show.)


BONUS: Owsley - "I'm Alright" (Pure Power-Pop Perfection! Solo artist/producer Will Owsley committed suicide last week, leaving behind a musical legacy that sadly few knew about. He is also known as Amy Grant's touring guitarist. Download and spread the word about his music and legacy!)

Download: (via Addicted To Vinyl, who wrote a great memorial post with more info on Owsley)


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