Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sky Eats Airplane - "The Sound Of Symmetry" EP

Sky Eats Airplane returns with a new vocalist Bryan Zimmerman and a 3-song EP as a teaser for their new album, to be recorded later this year for Equal Vision Records. The Sound Of Symmetry EP released on April 13th, is being sold digitally and exclusively on their tour with Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Their sound is still as brutally heavy and includes the disjointed electronic embellishments they are known for but includes more melodic vocal melodies and bigger choruses for a more well-rounded sound on these 3 new songs. “The Contour” opens the EP with cyclical synths and stuttering guitars and a nice introduction to Bryan’s captivating vocal capabilities and their newfound focus on melody. The title track kicks off with a pummeling intro before launching into an arena-sized chorus. The last song, “Motion Sickness” is more beat-driven and experimental, leaning on ambient background vocals and electronics to set the mood and close out the EP, leaving us hungry for more.

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