Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Love of Everything - "Best in Tensions"

Bobby Burg is a busy man. He runs his own record label called ‘Record Label’ and plays or has played in many great Chicago bands such as Vacations, Make Believe, Chin Up Chin Up and Joan of Arc, and now his solo project, Love of Everything. Best in Tensions is the debut full-length album of Bobby’s short and sweet, quirky bedroom pop songs and includes his wife, Elisse La Roche on drums and guest appearances by Tim Kinsella from Joan of Arc among others.

“Tin Can Phone” opens the album with stabs of electric guitar and Elisse’s simple but effective drumming with Bobby’s dulcet yet emotive vocals. “I Love All You Guys” is a noisy affair but still poppy with a jerky rhythm. The acoustic “Boy Friending” is over before you know it but the lonesome melody sticks in your head much longer. A cover version of “Marriage” by the Decendents is a highlight with vocal assistance from Tim Kinsella of Joan of Arc. “Fear of Missing Out” features a breezy surf-rock guitar and gang vocals from eight former and current band members and friends for a catchy sing along. “It Feels So Good To Be Alive” features jangly guitars and a hummable keyboard melody that makes the song standout. The ambient “Total Eclipse of the Heart (Revisited)” is not a cover song but is built on swiping guitar strums and resembles Joan of Arc. “Marry My Wife” is a standout with crunchy guitars and a late 90’s Midwest emo sound. “Birds, Ice Cream and Whales” is another standout with Bobby’s poetic, non-sensical lyrics and cyclical, beachy guitar riff.

Love of Everything just completed a tour of Europe and Japan with plans to tour the U.S. after the release of Best in Tensions. It is available now on vinyl on the ‘Record Label’ record label and digitally through Polyvinyl Records. Check it out!

Download "Fear Of Missing Out" here: http://www.recordlabelrecordlabel.com/music/FEAROFMISSINGOUT.mp3

For more info click here: http://www.recordlabelrecordlabel.com/ and www.myspace.com/loveofeverything


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