Friday, April 02, 2010

Free Friday: Snowden - "Slow Soft Syrup" EP

After an almost four year absence, Snowden returns with a new EP, Slow Soft Syrup released as a free download on their website. A lot has changed in the music scene but luckily Snowden hasn’t changed much since their 2006 debut Anti-Anti. The new songs are even more beat driven and are just as moody, catchy and danceable. The EP acts as a teaser for an album to be released later this year and features four new originals as well as a cover of “No Words No More” by Love And Rockets.

The haunting opening track, “No One In Control” builds gradually over its seven minute length with hypnotic distorted keyboards over pounding drums and singer Jordan Jeffares’ gloomy, emotional vocals. The first single “Don’t Really Know Me” features ambient washes of guitars and a twitchy beat as well as a catchy chorus. Much like most of Anti-Anti, the vocal phrasing just as much as the beat, propels the song on “Anemone Arms”. The last original song, “So Red” is built on a tribal beat, chiming synths and a chanted vocal melody.

Finally, we have more great music from Snowden and it’s free! It doesn’t get any better than that. Check it out.

Download the EP here: (for the price of an email address and your zip code)

For more info click here: and


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