Friday, March 19, 2010

Free Friday: Places And Numbers - "Waking The Dead" EP

Places And Numbers is the solo project of Bobby Darling, guitarist for the acclaimed art-rock band Gatsby's American Dream. After the breakup of GAD, and the death of his parents, Bobby travelled the world as an airline assistant. These tragic and eye-opening experiences helped mold the therapeutic and hopeful songs that make up his debut EP Waking The Dead, released last month on Equal Vision Records.

The music combines shimmering electronics and big beats with guitars, raw emotion and a voice with the same warm, higher register of Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips. Opening track, "I Had a Dream About a Nuclear Attack" may remind many of Postal Service but with swirling layers of guitars. "Goldfinger" combines a breathy "90's alt-rock" sentimental vocal with a shuffling beat and chiming keys and guitars to great effect. The too short, "I Have Mapped The Curves Of Your Body" intrigues with oscillating keyboards, strings and a half-time beat. Finally, the title track, "Waking The Dead" features gurgling synths alongside his emotional and personal lyrics.

Places And Numbers and Equal Vision Records are offering the Waking The Dead EP with the pay what you want model on Bandcamp. So, you can download it for free or you can pay whatever you feel like. But this debut is definitely worth your money as Places And Numbers have created an excellent debut that only hightens the anticipation for their full-length due later this year.

Download Waking The Dead EP here:

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