Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Bled - "Heat Fetish"

The Bled’s long-awaited new album, Heat Fetish was just released on their new label, Rise Records and they may have finally found the perfect balance of melody and brutality with their fourth album.

“Devolver” opens the album with a stark, fast-paced sing-along that’s as scorching hot as their hometown of Tucson, AZ. “Mouthbreather” flies by in a minute and a half but defines their sound perfectly with both throat-shredding screams and melodic Chino Moreno-like singing over blisteringly intense metal. Stand out track “Running Through Walls” displays the taut energy of their debut with their dissonant Converge-meets-Refused style. “Smoke Breaks” continues the assault with swirling guitars, a meaty breakdown and a more emotive vocal approach. “Shouting Fire In A Crowded Room” is fast and unrelenting and gives way to a quick melodic chorus that acts like a ray of light parting the clouds. The two tracks “Needs” and “Crowbait” act as a showcase for the band’s disjointed melodic side with a focus on tight, memorable vocal harmonies. “Night Errors” features a display of fancy fretwork on the authoritative track before bleeding into the passionate and epic closing track, “Crawling Home”.

With a more straight forward, less experimental approach, The Bled have created an album that proves they can still hang with the new kids on the block while remaining equally melodic and blisteringly brutal on their new album Heat Fetish.


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