Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lissie - "Why You Runnin' EP"

Today marks the release of Lissie’s debut EP Why You Runnin’ on Fat Possum Records. Lissie has a voice of timeless quality fitted to bluesy Americana music produced by Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses.

The first single, “Little Lovin’” introduces a country-inflected vocal with a bluesy guitar riff and weeping pedal steel that steadily builds with ringing guitar and heavy-handed piano to a stomping, clapping and wailing dust-up to end the song with Southern charm. “Wedding Bells” is a visceral cover of a little known Hank Williams, Sr. song with haunting background vocals. The piano led “Oh Mississippi” sounds almost hymn-like with the focus clearly on Lissie’s beautiful voice. “Everywhere I Go” is also spiritual, with angelic background vocals and a soulful, soaring melody. “Here Before” is ghostly and atmospheric, using Lissie’s voice as another instrument to help create a wall of sound on the closing track.

The long awaited release of Why You Runnin’ sheds light on a beautiful voice and new talent and increases the anticipation even more for a full-length.

Download "Little Lovin'" here: http://fatpossum.com/01_Little_Lovin.mp3

Download "Everywhere I Go" here: http://fatpossum.com/04_Everywhere_I_Go.mp3

Check out Lissie's Daytrotter session here: www.daytrotter.com/dt/lissie-concert/20030385-3737717.html


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