Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Flicks: "High School Record"

After its release and entrance in Sundance in 2005, the highly praised High School Record has finally been released on DVD by Factory 25.

Directed by Ben Wolfinsohn and starring members of Los Angeles noise-punk bands No Age, Mika Miko as well as Mike Watt and Lavender Diamond, the film is shot in the mock-umentary style, following four teens as they stumble through life. Capturing the hilarious and awkward lengths they will go to meet girls, avoid tests and to belong; laugh out loud moments involve tinfoil shorts, self-competitive “school-climbing”, and a “doughnut-hawk” haircut, just to name a few.

The DVD release also features extras including a short film that influenced the film and 13 hilarious deleted scenes. Buy it now at

Click here for the trailer:

Download Mika Miko - "Capricorinations" here:


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