Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Friday: The Sun - "Don't Let Your Baby Have All The Fun"

Ex Warner Bros. band The Sun return after label woes and the loss of two bandmates for their first release since 2005. Through the web only record label Rock Proper, The Sun is offering their new album Don't Let You Baby Have All The Fun for free as a digital download. The Columbus, OH based band have previously worked with Jay Bennett (ex-Wilco) and this album was produced by Mike McCarthy who has produced every Spoon album since Girls Can Tell.

The Sun create a catchy, fuzzed-out 60's inspired indie-rock with a playful, punk spirit in the vein of Spoon and Supergrass. Two of the standout tracks are "In Perfect Time" which sets up a wall of fuzz that only the catchy melody can bring down and "So Long, Sundays" with its steady beat, acoustic strumming, hummable organ riff and a gritty vocal from singer Chris Burney.

Download "So Long, Sundays":

Download the entire 10-track album here:

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