Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Friday: This Time Next Year - "Road Maps & Heart Attacks"

Equal Vision Records and This Time Next Year have announced that they are offering their new album, Road Maps & Heart Attacks on The album is available to download for free...or you have the choice to pay what you want. If you prefer (as I do) to have a physical copy, you can order it from the label itself.

This Time Next Year is pop-punk they way it used to be...the way it should be! For fans of Blink 182, early New Found Glory, Lifetime and Taking Back Sunday, with their shared two-vocalist approach. With roots in the hardcore scene, their music is both melodic and metallic with the emphasis on the music they create and not their image. They are heartfelt without being whiny and poppy without being too sweet. They are a swift kick to the ribs of a stale genre. Their first single, "New Sensation" is a tongue-in-cheek slap in the face to all of the image-conscience, band-wagon bands with a sing-along chorus to boot.

Download "New Sensation":

Download Road Maps & Heart Attacks and pay what you want here:

For more info click here: and here


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