Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pronto - "The Cheetah"

The Cheetah is the second release of 2009 for Pronto, the side project of Mikael Jorgensen, instrumentalist for Wilco. Where All Is Golden was a snapshot of all things pop, The Cheetah is more of a historical experiment with musical technology. Mikael used outdated computer-based programming platforms such as MAX/MSP by Cycling ’74 and vintage 80’s synthesizers along with guitars and drums to create the ambient soundscapes that became the 12 songs on the album. Written and recorded between 2001 and 2003 and put on a shelf as Mikael has been busy touring and recording with Wilco, The Cheetah was finally released digitally on Contraphonic Records on September 8th.

“Tectonics” the opening song, rumbles and shifts with some Kraftwerk inspired bloops and beeps and a snapping beat. The jazzy-prog of “Ginny Wrapped In The Sun” features cornetist Rob Manzurek and showcases Mikael’s skill of creating music that has one foot in the past and one in the future. Stand out track “Catch That Martian” is upbeat and poppy with animated synths and a rhythm provided by drummer Greg O’Keefe. Title track, “The Cheetah” moves slowly with Chris Girard’s glimmering guitar and would provide emotional weight to a film or tv show soundtrack. The bizarre “Biarritz” features sliding synths and a danceable beat. Incorporating jazzy guitars and layers of electronic components with a shuffling off-beat rhythm, “Tardigrades” is a futuristic prog-rock jam worthy of repeat listens. Here in its original form, the pounding rhythm and memorable Rock-Si-Chord melody on “The Monster” became the stand out track, “Monster” on All Is Golden.

After releasing a straightforward album of classic pop, Pronto took a detour with a more experimental and instrumental side with The Cheetah, that is no less listenable than All Is Golden. Not many bands these days can pull that off that trick.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed "Monster". You mentioned the artist using synthesizers from the 80's. I definately picked up on that as I felt like I was in a Nintendo game as I listened to the track! =)

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