Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nightmare Of You - "Infomaniac"

Last week, Nightmare Of You returned to release their highly anticipated second album, Infomaniac, after a four year wait. Skillfully crafted, the ambitious indie pop on the new album will please fans both old and new.

“Good Morning, Waster” opens the album with a dreamy showcase for Brandon Reilly’s smooth voice and flows into “Eustacia Vye” with bouncy piano, memorable Beatles-esque melodies and a harpsichord like guitar riff. “I Think I’m Getting Older” pits beachy jangly guitars against quarter-life crisis lyrics and a short lived reggae part at the end. The emotional “Someday, But Not Today” floats on a lifting chorus as a sweet but sarcastic ode to hope. The super poppy “Hey, Sweetheart” plays with a doo-wop rhythm, plinking piano and contrastingly darker yet tongue-in-cheek post break up lyrics. The heartfelt protesting on “Amsterdam” is set to a marching beat with biting lyrics like, “I am moving myself to Amsterdam in detest of a futile war.” “Gavi” is atmospheric with sirens and a wall of sound built around a smooth, swaggering vocal melody. “A Pair Of Blue Eyes” sways romantically with a bluesy rhythm, ringing guitars and an old fashioned guitar solo. Finally recorded on album, the self-deprecating lyrics and lilting melody on “Please Don’t Answer Me” seem to have taken their cue from the Morrissey school of drama, on this fan favorite from their live shows. Closing out the album, “Goodnight, Devil” is furious and noisy unlike the rest of the album, with feedback drenched spiraling guitars adding another layer to an excellent, album that proves to have been worth the wait.

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/NightmareOfYou


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