Friday, August 28, 2009

Dream Concert: Death Cab For Cutie

Over the years I have seen many of my favorite bands live but there is a growing list of bands I just have to see. With this Dream Concert feature, I have listed the set lists and venue of my choice for one of my favorite bands that I have yet to experience live. My selection this month is Death Cab For Cutie. I have been a fan since 2001 and have had a couple chances to see them live but life happens...
As for the venue I would choose Newport Music Hall in Columbus. (You thought I was going to say Southgate House, didn’t you?) I chose Newport because I have seen some great shows there in the early 2000’s, including Modest Mouse and Sunny Day Real Estate and I wish I had seen Death Cab at that time as well. Here is the set list I would choose if I were the one writing it out for the band the night of the show.

Set list:

I Will Possess Your Heart
Blacking Out The Friction
Title and Registration
Long Division
Someday You Will Be Loved
Why You’d Want to Live Here
Information Travels Faster
Lowell, Ma
Grapevine Fires
A Diamond And A Tether
We Looked Like Giants
Technicolor Girls
The Sound of Settling
I Will Follow Into The Dark

Movie Script Ending
The New Year

Hey, it could happen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would go to that show!

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