Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Division Day - "Visitation"

After gaining love from critics and bloggers for their debut Beartrap Island,
Division Day returns with their sophomore album Visitation, released today on Dangerbird Records. Visitation is a darker, more cohesive album, showcasing the atmospheric synths and electronic beats that made their debut such a standout.

“Reservoir” opens the album with a big, noisy beat as ethereal strings appear and disappear along with singer/keyboardist Rohner Segnitz’s bending vocals and a warped saxophone squeels. “Malachite” builds steam on a shuffling beat, rumbling bass line and dark atmospherics with a melancholic but poppy vocal melody. The single, “Chalk Lines” features some gazy guitar squalls with a cool electro beat and an infectious chorus. The rippling deep-sea soundscapes, and guitar line that mimics the vocal melody on the chorus makes “Azalean” a standout. “Planchette” is a slower more ambient song with aching vocals, plodding piano and swirling, feedback drenched guitar freak-outs. “Surrender” is beat driven and paranoia fueled, bringing into focus the darkly romanticized electronic underbelly of the album. The eclectic “Carrier” is wrapped in a dream-like gauze and features saxophone solos and an 80’s brit-pop vibe. The spacey synths and blips and beats on title track, “Visitation” mixes well with the breathy vocals, invoking an eerie feeling that fits well with the theme of the record. And the piano-led closer, “Black Crow” is carried on a steady beat amid blasts of guitars and synths and a moody melody.

The dark atmosphere on “Visitation” is balanced by the poppy melodies, lending the album to repeat listens for whatever mood you are in.


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