Thursday, August 20, 2009

Asobi Seksu - "Transparence" 10"

After the February release of their stellar Polyvinyl Records debut Hush, Asobi Seksu have released a limited edition clear vinyl 10" for their single, "Transparence".

The title song is included but has a new percussive intro. It also features two new songs taken from the same recording session that produced Hush. "Urusai Tori", sung in Japanese, features layers upon layers of glimmering synths, a cascading guitar riff and a glitchy electro-beat. The other new song, "Miniature Cities" creates another lush, hazy soundscape with a climbing vocal melody and a cinematic wall of sound release at the end that would have fit in perfectly as the last song on Hush. To round out the collection is a mesmerizing remix of "Transparence" by Aa.

Limited to only 1,000 this 10" should go fast. Asobi Seksu fans should snatch this up as the new songs are well worth owning and the vinyl will look great in your collection!

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