Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Saddle Creek Records will release the self-titled debut album by UUVVWWZ (pronounced double-U, double-V, double-W, Z) today. With a name as eccentric and strange as their music, UUVVWWZ take the energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and the avant-experimentalism of Deerhoof and combine it with the accessible poppiness of both bands to create a stunning debut. The first track, "Berry Can" opens with little else but Teal Gardner's jazzy vocals before a shots of feedback-drenched jagged guitars break the mood like a bully at a birthday party.

The bouncy rhythm, big fuzzy bass line and quirky lyrics on "Shark Suit" shows off the bands' potential for a fun and energetic live show. The arty jazz-pop of "Jap Dad" is similar...

(The rest of the review has been removed twice and is lost forever but check out the songs below and see what you think...)

Download "Shark Suit" here: http://www.saddle-creek.com/sounds/UUVVWWZ_SharkSuit.mp3

Download "Jap Dad" here: http://www.saddle-creek.com/sounds/UUVVWWZ_JapDad.mp3

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/UUVVWWZ and www.uuvvwwz.blogspot.com and www.saddlecreekrecords.com


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