Friday, July 10, 2009

CIV - "The Complete Discography"

Equal Vision Records has released the complete 43-track discography of NYC punk-rock band, CIV, containing Set Your Goals, their 1995 debut and their second and final album, Thirteen Day Getaway as well as live tracks and b-sides. Best known for their hit song "Can't Wait One Minute More" and for their influential punk roots. Lead singer, Anthony "Civ" Civarelli formed Gorilla Biscuits in the 80's other members of CIV were from hardcore bands Youth Of Today and Judge.

The music on Set Your Goals was a poppier incarnation of the positive minded hardcore of Gorilla Biscuits. "Can't Wait One Minute More", "Set Your Goals", "So Far, So Good...So What" and "Choices Made" were just as catchy as anything on the radio in the mid-90's but CIV never found a mainstream audience beyond the fleeting MTV hit, "Can't Wait One Minute More" and their tour with No Doubt. Beyond the pop-punk, songs like, "Trust Slips Through Your Hands" and "Gang Opinion" have the fury and gang vocals that make them sound like unearthed Gorilla Biscuits songs. The bonus live tracks, including, "United Kids" and "Can't Wait One Minute More" captures the energy of CIV's live show.

At the time, the music on Thirteen Day Getaway, felt like CIV was reaching to hard for mainstream success by leaning on horns, organs and a more polished sound and letting go of the aggressive punk sound they were built upon. Of course it didn't translate well with fans but looking back now, you can appreciate that they took that chance. The power-pop bounce of "Secondhand Superstar" and dub-stylings and big hook of "Big Girl" make for a great listen still today. The included demos versions of "Everday" and Secondhand Superstar" complete the package.

CIV - "The Complete Discography" is available now on iTunes and eMusic or here:


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