Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Bloodsugars - "BQEP"

I have discovered many of my favorite bands by seeing them open up for another band. For example, I saw The Shins open for Modest Mouse when they only had a self-released CD-R of music for sale. Similarly, I discovered NYC’s The Bloodsugars opening for The Pomegranates last week in Cincinnati. They put on a tight and energetic show that displayed their sticky sweet songwriting. After the show I talked to singer/guitarist Jason Rabinowitz, who was all smiles onstage and off and he gave me a copy of their debut EP to review. The BQEP was released last Spring on Engine Room Recordings with their debut full-length set to be released this Fall.

“Purpose Was Again” opens the EP with Jason’s smooth and soulful vocals over fragile guitar chugging before crashing in with a proggy passage that leads into a melodic verse with accenting keyboards showcasing the band’s knack for inventive arrangements. Stand out track, “Bloody Mary” is an irresistible synth-pop dance fest with clever keyboard riffs that are equally as infectious as the vocal melodies, a drum machine-tight beat, gurgling bass line and hand-claps for good measure. “Cinderella” continues the dance party with a steady shuffling beat, a bass line that colors outside the lines and a chorus with catchy cascading back-up vocals. “Breakfast On The BQE” mellows out a bit leaning more on the band’s indie rock tendencies with a soaring vocal and jangling guitars taking place of the playful dance-pop of the prior two songs. “Saint of Containment” picks it back up with a funky, jagged guitar riff and more unique keyboard hooks, making it one energetic, danceable indie-rock song. The last song, “Uh Oh” is gorgeously textured, filling the empty spaces with acoustic guitar and washes of soothing background vocals that contrasts and complements the rest of the album's energy.

With their excellent debut EP and live show, The Bloodsugars have created a buzz of anticipation for their album release this Fall.

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