Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Teeth - "Hustle Beach"

Today, Baby Teeth return with their third album, “Hustle Beach” after releasing separate solo projects in the last year. The ever-prolific bandleader, Abraham Levitan wrote one song each week for one year for a blog called, “52 Teeth” and then selected eleven of the songs to comprise “Hustle Beach”.

The first single and opening track, “Big Schools” is an upbeat, windows-down, Springsteen-esque rocker complete with a big, fuzzy lead bass line and stadium-sized keyboards. Abraham can spin a story like no one else, this time posing as yuppie baby boomer parents unable to relate to their children. With their trademark no guitars, keyboards/bass/drums brand of smart, vintage-leaning indie-pop “The Part You Play” incorporates layers of vintage organ sounds, both thick and shimmering with a yearning vocal melody over a strutting rhythm. The sweaty title track, “Hustle Beach” is dripping with the swagger of 70’s-era machismo like sweat from a terry cloth headband with a head-bobbing beat, a repeating mantra of “work, work, work…” and the frenzied freak-out of a keyboard solo at the end. “I Hope She Won’t Let Me” mellows out a bit with romantic and soulful vocal harmonies and a simple arrangement. Incorporating more of an 80’s synth sound, the robotic “Shrine” becomes a stalker’s anthem with its bouncing beat. “Snake Eyes” begins with a wailing, siren-like synth and dense bass line that anchors the beat as Abraham let’s go of all restraint with an unbridled wail, making the song one of their heaviest to date and an instant standout on the album. The twinkling piano and glam-affected vocals on the “Let It Roll” recall Bowie just as the chorus on “The Swede” is reminiscent of the melody to “And She Was” by The Talking Heads, making the songs instantly catchy, fun and nostalgic at the same time, which is the band’s motto. The handclaps, steady piano and floating vocal harmonies make “I Tried To Figure You Out” a classic pop song in the truest sense. The earnest album closer, “Hard To Find A Friend” sounds like it was written to be included on the soundtrack to a hypothetical Disney movie starring James Taylor and Randy Newman as down on their luck buddies.

After all of the writing the band has done over the last year, hopefully the well has not dried up because Hustle Beach is Baby Teeth’s best album yet and leaves you wanting more.

Download the title track, "Hustle Beach" here: http://lujorecords.com/media/01%20Hustle%20Beach.mp3

Download "Big Schools" here: http://lujorecords.com/media/01%20Big%20Schools.mp3

For more info click here: http://www.lujorecords.com/ and http://www.babyteethmusic.com/
And click here to check out the 52 Teeth Blog: http://52teeth.wordpress.com/


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