Friday, June 26, 2009

Dream Concert: Magnolia Electric CO

I have never seen Jason Molina play live and he is at the top of my list with Wilco, Dylan, Death Cab and Bright Eyes. As luck would have it, Magnolia Electric Co. will be playing at the Southgate House in Newport, KY on July 14th. I will be there. Hopefully... Of course, I will not get to choose the songs but here are the songs I would choose if given the chance.

Set list:

I've Been Riding With The Ghost

Hard To Love A Man

The Rock Of Ages

Farewell Transmission

Don't Fade On Me

Dark Don't Hide It

Almost Was Good Enough

Lonesome Valley

Trouble Will Find You

John Henry Split My Heart

Cross The Road

Ring The Bell

Coxcomb Red

It's Made Me Cry


Werewolves Of London

Hold On Magnolia

The Lioness

I chose some of my favorite Songs: Ohia songs also. They probably wouldn't play those live but...hey, it could happen!

Magnolia Electric Co. tour dates:


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