Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Magic Wands - "Magic, Love & Dreams EP"

Magic Wands are Chris and Dexy Valentine who met on Myspace, got married and now make music. Precious. Their debut EP, “Magic, Love & Dreams” is released today on Bright Antenna Records. The 80’s inspired synth, wall of noise guitars, and electronic beats combined with an infectious pop sensibility makes for a very promising debut.

The first song and single, “Black Magic” is built on a buzzing guitar and spooky background synths with a cool vocal cadence that marches along to the beat. The Magic Wands sound like an intergalactic Depeche Mode with the moody indie-pop on “Starships”. “Teenage Love” is Dexy’s turn on the mic and she channels Deborah Harry on the hip-hop inspired track that includes this funny lyrical trick, “Teenage love has got me stuck. Come over now, so we can fu…get about everything…” The last track on this, too short EP is “Kiss Me Dead” and its noisy guitars and catchy chorus leaves you wanting more.

Hopefully the wait for a proper full-length won't be long. Catch them on tour now with The Kills and The Horrors!

Download "Black Magic" here: http://www.brightantenna.com/brightantenna/MagicWands_BlackMagic.mp3

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/themagicwands and http://www.brightantenna.com/


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