Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Northern - "Remind Me Where The Light Is"

Great Northern return with their sophomore album, Remind Me Where The Light Is, released today on Eenie Meenie Records. This time around, their dreamy indie-pop is polished and laced with more rock attitude culled from their past experiences; Rachel as singer of 90’s post-hardcore band Whirlpool and Solon as guitarist in 30 Seconds To Mars. This is a nice contrast to the melancholic undertones that hover over most of the songs.

Opener, “Story” chugs along with a punchy, insistent drum beat and the catchy chorus slides in on a whining E-bow guitar line. Equally as steady and even catchier, “Houses” is built on a melodic vocal foundation as strong as concrete and ready for airplay. The next few songs including, “Snakes” with its plodding keyboards and swooping strings, and “Stop”, a slow burning dirge, drift into a more atmospheric sound that resembles the 4AD/psychedelia of Trading Twilight for Daylight from 2007. The new album was produced by Michael Patterson who also worked with Orenda Fink’s (Azure Ray) new project, O+S, who toured with Great Northern this past Spring. There are similarities in the production, especially on “New Tricks” which sounds like an apocalyptic funeral march. “Mountain” returns to the upbeat, guitar driven vibe one last time, before the final songs swell and swirl, as Great Northern fans have come to expect. The last song, “33” mixes both elements into an anthemic, layered-vocal catharsis.

The contrasting light and dark elements on Remind Me Where The Light Is, adds another dimension to Great Northern’s sound and should attract more airplay and tv and movie soundtrack opportunities and more fans!


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You have a magical way with your words music man.

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