Friday, October 03, 2008

only makebelieve - "Message From A Mockingbird"

Over five years in the making, unsigned Ohio band, Only Makebelieve, has finally released their ambitious debut, "Message From A Mockingbird". OMB consists of Samuel Atkinson and Wyatt Michael who wrote, recorded, produced and played everything on the album. They took the best parts of the great music from the last several decades and fused it with their own brand of artful, intelligent power-pop. Notable influences on the record are rich Beatlesesque harmonies, the prog-rock prowess of Rush, the 80's brit-pop of Tears For Fears, the skewed pop sense of XTC and Jellyfish, and Sloan's penchant for classic rock goodness.
In this digital age, they have created a soaring pop masterpiece, an album meant to be absorbed from start to finish. Not one track on the mixing board was spared, as you are wrapped in a wall of sound, texture and melody. The velvety slide guitar on "Sunflower" is the perfect complement to the horns and strings sections. "Chase" sounds like one of the best Sloan songs before it eases into a classic rock jam to the end. "Nuclear Reactor" explodes with crunch and spacey reverse guitars into one of the more straight forward rock numbers on the album.
"Message From A Mockingbird" is well worth the long as we don't have to wait another five years for the next record and they don't have to wait long before they are signed!

Download "Sunflower" here:

You can buy it on iTunes, eMusic, and amazonmp3. For a physical copy including a limited edition poster or to hear more, go here:


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