Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Stream It From The Mountain: that dog. – Old LP

90’s alternative rock/indie-pop favorites that dog. recently released their long-awaited fourth album, Old LP, via UMe.  Anna Waronker, Rachel Haden and Tony Maxwell first reunited in 2011 for a few anniversary shows and have played together several times since.  The trio (sans vocalist/violinist Petra Haden) had also been working on a new album over the last three years. The new album – their first in over two decades - is the perfect, more mature and more lushly arranged follow-up to 1997’s swan song, Retreat From The Sun.
Old LP is highlighted by the standout single, “Just The Way”, and with its frantic energy, it is the perfect summation of their punk-smeared power-pop sound.  Other standouts include, “Drip Drops” with its cinematic strings and their trademark vocal harmonies, the snarky anthemic alt.rock of “If You Just Didn’t Do It” and the sentimental album closing title track.   
The guest-heavy album also features contributions from their original (pre-recording) drummer Maya Rudolph, Graham Coxon of Blur, Randy Newman, Josh Klinghoffer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Charlotte Gaffey of the Go-Go’s.  Additionally, Petra’s violin duties are carried out by Kaitlin Wolfberg of Wild Honey Orchestra. 
The new album packs a nostalgic punch but expands on their sound, sounding as fresh as it did over two decades ago. 
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