Friday, October 18, 2019

3 Songs: On Repeat - Extended Edition

Grade 2 – “Don’t Look Back” (The UK punk rock trio made the jump to Hellcat Records with the release of their third album, Graveyard Island.  Produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, the new album captures their energetic live energy and is a throwback to the early days of punk with streetwise lyrics, riotous rhythms and catchy, chant-along hooks.  Listen to the propulsive standout single here.)       

Gideon – “Take Me” (The Alabama-based metallic hardcore band fully sheds its former Christian beliefs in a big way with a neo nu-metal sound and angry lyrics on their new album, Out Of Control, out now on Equal Vision Records.  The new album is their heaviest, most aggressive and angry effort to date with a focus on brutal breakdowns, low end bass-driven hip-hop-inspired rhythms and a guest spot from Drew York of Stray From The Path.)      

Entombed A.D. – “Torment Remains” (The Swedish death metal pioneers recently released their third album since reforming as Entombed A.D.  Bowels Of Earth is out now on Century Media and former Entombed members LG Petrov, Victor Brandt, Nico Elgstrand, Olle Dahlstedt and Guilherme Miranda sound rejuvenated, as they have combined their often imitated but never duplicated dense guitar sound and groove-driven rhythms with faster beats and a modern touch that will have old fans and new fans intrigued.)      

Ikebe Shakedown – “Horses” (The Brooklyn instrumental soul ensemble recently released their highly-anticipated fourth album, Kings Left Behind, via Colemine Records.  The seven-piece band creates a lushly-layered sound highlighted by dramatically cinematic strings, punchy horns, swaggering percussion-heavy rhythms and 70’s funk and psychedelia.  Put on your headphones and your dancing shoes and enjoy this one!)


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