Friday, October 04, 2019

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Eggs On Mars – “Porch Tune” (The K.C. psych-pop trio are set to release their fifth album, It Will Be Like It Was, today on Portland’s Jigsaw Records.  These new jangle-pop songs are mellow with psychedelic flourishes and subtle yet striking melodies.  Lyrically, vocalist/guitarist Brad Smith spins introspective but relatable tales about such life changing themes as marriage and the grind of everyday work life.)  

Daniel Martin Moore – “By The Beams” (The Louisville singer-songwriter will release his ninth album, Never Look Away, today via Sofaburn Records/OK Recordings.  Ever changing – he’s previously recorded an album of lullabies and one of Gospel-soaked hymns – DMM offers up his fullest folk-pop arrangements with the assistance of co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Seth Kauffman of Foating Action.  The newfound focus on driving rhythms and the lushly-layered sound brings new life to his stellar songwriting, resulting in his best album yet.)         

Temples – “You’re Either On Something” (The British psych-rock trio recently released their third album, Hot Motion, via their new label home, ATO Records.  Though still retro-minded, the new album shows the band venturing into modern, pop-leaning psych sounds with bigger beats, vintage synths and festival-ready hooks; the standout single heard here with its soaring, sing-along chorus is the perfect example.)    

Death Cab For Cutie – “Kids In ‘99” (Ben Gibbard and company recently released The Blue EP, on the heels of last year’s Thank You For Today.  Out now on Atlantic Records, the 5-song EP features two tracks leftover from the Rich Costey-produced Thank You sessions, a self-produced song and two new Peter Katis-produced tracks that trade in hypnotic Krautrock rhythms and wide-screen arena rock.  The single here, recounts the tragic Olympic Pipeline Explosion from their hometown.)


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