Wednesday, September 04, 2019

VIDEO PREMIERE: Peanut Butter – “Asteroid Negotiations”

Peanut Butter, the Seattle/D.C. duo, consisting of Paul Bugala and David Diaz recently released their third album, Don’t Stop.  Produced by Devin Ocampo (The Effects, Beauty Pill, Faraquet, Smart Went Crazy), fans of American Football will love their jazz-inspired rhythms and complex guitar work as well as their quirky melodies. 
Atlas and the Anchor is proud to premiere the video for their standout single, “Asteroid Negotiations”.  The aptly-titled track exudes a frantic energy via its math-rock rhythm that mirrors the intense anxiety of a coming, asteroid-induced apocalypse.  The witty video follows a tiger detective as it visits several spots around Washington, DC, and Maryland in pursuit of clues to a “rock 'n' roll mystery”.  It was directed and filmed by Jon Lutz ( and features an appearance by Peanut Butter collaborator, Paxton Styles.
Stream and order the album here:
Watch the video for “Asteroid Negotiations” by Peanut Butter here:


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