Thursday, September 05, 2019


SUICIDE, the 70’s band consisting of the late Alan Vega and Martin Rev, recently had their self-titled debut album reissued as part of BMG’s Art Of The Album series.  The cult classic album, originally released in 1977, has been remastered and is available digitally, on CD and on limited edition red 180g vinyl from Mute/BMG.  The vinyl edition comes with an exclusive art print and the CD edition is housed in a hardback book.  The series shines the spotlight on beloved albums as they are with no extra tracks included, but loads of photos and extensive liner notes by The Quietus' John Doran that detail the album's context, craft and legacy with interviews with many of the players, complete the deluxe package.    
Together Vega and Rev created a dark, moody and abrasive sound that was understated at the time yet highly-influential - ushering in elements of what would become post-punk and No Wave - and whose lasting impact resonates with artists today, more than 40 years later.  This definitive new reissue is a testament to that and is sure to continue its legacy on for another 40 years.        
Listen to the glam rock and comic book inspired opening track “Ghost Rider” here:


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