Thursday, June 27, 2019

Stream It From The Mountain: Wolftooth – Wolftooth

The Richmond, Indiana metal band Wolftooth have been making a ton of noise in the metal scene across the world in a relatively short period of time.  The quartet featuring, vocalist/guitarist Chris Sullivan, bassist Terry McDaniel, guitarist Jeff Cole and drummer Johnny Harrod create a dense, riff-heavy hybrid that combines the best of 70’s hard rock and 80’s thrash and heavy metal along with catchy stoner rock melodies.
Their self-titled debut album was originally self-released by the band via their Bandcamp page, where it quickly climbed up the charts and was picked up by Pittsburgh’s Blackseed Records, who released it on CD and then by Copenhagen’s Cursed Tongue Records, who reissued it on vinyl.

It has now been re-released on CD via California's Ripple Music, who specialize in doom, psych and stoner metal.  
In addition to the standout tracks including, “Sword Of My Father” which is built upon a rollicking power metal riff and “Frost Lord” with its galloping riff and rhythm; the reissue includes a bonus track, "Withered Trees".  The new track was written during the original sessions then finished later to be included on the reissue and it rocks just as hard!       
Stream Wolftooth here:


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