Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Stream It From The Mountain: Carousel Kings – Plus Ultra

The Pennsylvania-based pop-punk quartet, Carousel Kings, recently released their fourth album, Plus Ultra, via Victory Records.  The new album finds the band in top form; spicing insanely catchy pop-leaning melodies with heavy riffs and adding in electronic elements, ukulele and saxophone for the first time to great effect.   
Vocalist David Alexander, guitarist/vocalist Will Barovick, bassist/vocalist Cody Wiliams and drummer Danny Wilkins are joined in the studio by a host of guest contributors including, Lexxe, Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker, Pete Zengerle and Bill Cardella of Hang Tight and many more.
Standouts among the album’s 11 tracks include, the single “Move Slow” featuring the complimentary vocals of Lexxe, the soaring and anthemic “Shellshocked” with Spencer of Ice Nine Kills, the insistently-propulsive “Lock Meowt”, the reggae-tinged “Shelter” and the 80’s-inspired closer “Jameis Vu” with its glimmering synths and hair metal-like guitar runs.  
Over the years, Victory Records has been home to the cream of the crop in pop-punk; Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Hawthorne Heights, A Day To Remember.  With their excellent new album, Plus Ultra, you can now add Carousel Kings to that list.
Stream Plus Ultra here:


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