Monday, February 25, 2019

Stream It From The Mountain: Better Oblivion Community Center – S/T

Better Oblivion Community Center is the surprise collaborative project from Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers, that was born from Conor’s contribution to Bridger’s song, “Would You Rather from her debut album, Stranger In The Alps.  The duo’s self-titled debut album was surprise released digitally in late January and got a physical release via Dead Oceans last week.  Produced by Oberst, Bridgers and Andy LeMaster, the album features contributions from Carla Azar, Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wylie Geber and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes, along with Christian Lee Hutson and Anna Butterss.    
The ten-song album is the perfect blend of their distinct voices and folk-rock sounds.  Clearly Bridgers’ quiet and vulnerable form of folk was inspired by Bright Eyes and in turn, Oberst has found inspiration in his protégé.  The opening salvo, “Didn’t Know What I Was In For” with its melancholic acoustic strumming, yearning e-bow melody and dual vocals is the perfect introduction.  Later, “Exception To The Rule” stands out with electronic instrumentation that recalls Bright Eyes’ album, Digital Ash In A Digital Urn.  Other standouts include the jangly, propulsive single, “Dylan Thomas”, the slow-burning “Forest Lawn” and the lively “Sleepwalkin” with its conversation-like vocal trade-offs.       
Together Oberst and Bridgers have created an album of the year-worthy debut with their self-titled release as Better Oblivion Community Center.     
Stream Better Oblivion Community Center here:


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