Friday, November 09, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Morning Again – “Reinventor” (After twenty years, the metalcore originators return with Survival Instinct, an aptly-tiled new EP, out today on Revelation Records.  Vocalist Kevin Byers, bassist Gerardo Villarroel and guitarists Stephen Looker and John Wylie along with new drummer Joshua Williams reclaim their crown with another killer set of death metal-infused metallic hardcore.  Fellow hardcore lifer, Rick Rodney of Strife lends his vocals and New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert guests as well.  Watch for the band to appear on festival bills next year!)  

J. Mascis – “See You At the Movies” (The Dinosaur Jr. frontman returns today with Elastic Days, his fourth solo album and first in four years.  Released via Sub Pop, the new album is driven by acoustic guitars and some of his most memorable alt-folk melodies and of course, his signature electric guitar solos steal the spotlight.  J plays everything on the album save for keyboards and some guest vocals from Pall Jenkins of Black Heart Procession and fellow Sub Pop signee, Zoë Randell of Luluc.)    

Coheed And Cambria – “The Gutter” (After taking a break from the Armory Wars saga with their last album, Coheed returned recently with their ninth album, Unheavenly Creatures, via their new label, Roadrunner Records.  With the story in place and their prog-rock tendencies on full display, Claudio and crew continue to blend pop-punk, metal and prog into something otherworldly, especially on the heavy, Queen-esque standout track heard here.)

twenty-one pilots – “Smithereens” (The Columbus duo recently released their highly-anticipated fifth album, Trench, via Fueled By Ramen.  Under pop pressure with the mainstream on high beam, Tyler and Josh have created their most cohesive yet experimental album yet with elements of hip-hop and reggae rhymes and rhythms and more positive messages.  Where the group shines, is on stage so be sure to catch their electric live show when you get the chance!)  


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