Monday, October 22, 2018

Stream It from The Mountain: Danny & His Fantasy

Danny & His Fantasy is the pop star alter ego of Joey Cook, formerly of Cincinnati psych-pop favorites, Pomegranates.  Since the Poms amicably broke up, the prolific Cook has dabbled in psych-rock with his project JOESPH and curated the indie label The Eyebrow Palace. 
Today, Atlas and the Anchor is proud to premiere a stream of the self-titled debut album from Danny & His Fantasy, that was released last Friday on The Eyebrow Palace.  The seven-song self-titled debut album is led by the glittering dream-pop of the first single, “Something Real” and “Mantra” with its funky bass line, energetic 80’s-informed rhythms and quick, rap-like vocal cadence.  The album also features two tracks – the soulful, synth-pop rave-up, “Soul Crossing” and the uplifting and anthemic “Friends” - previously written and recorded as Healing Power songs, but released now in updated form. 
Joey Joesph, owner of The Eyebrow Palace, had this to say about the signing of Danny & His Fantasy: “I feel very lucky and excited that Eyebrow Palace has nabbed Danny & His Fantasy for a two-record deal. This is going to be huge for the label, and I think significant for the world at large...”
Stream Danny & His Fantasy here:


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