Friday, August 10, 2018

PREMIERE: DREKKA – “Lissajous”

Drekka is the long-running experimental electronic project of Bloomington, IN musician Mkl Anderson.  With heavy use of samples and field recordings, Drekka’s intricate soundscapes aren’t so much heard as they are felt.  His new album titled, Examinations: 2016-2018 will be released on September 14 via Anderson’s own Bluesanct label.
Today, Atlas and the Anchor is proud to premiere a track from the new album titled, “Lissajous”.  The eight-minute track uses field recordings of what sounds like a semi-truck that invokes driving down a desolate highway in the dead of night in a snowstorm and all of the nerve-wracking tension that ensues.
Pre-order Examinations: 2016-2018 here:
Stream “Lissajous” here:


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