Friday, May 04, 2018

SONG PREMIERE: The Burning Peppermints – “Blockhead”

Deranged psych-punk trio The Burning Peppermints will release their sophomore album, Glittervomit on May 11 via High Dive Records.  You can listen to their exhilarating new single, “Blockhead” here first with our exclusive premiere!    
Hailing from Birmingham, AL, guitarist/vocalist Jake Wittig, bassist Ahmad Farzad and drummer Ryan Colebeck create a high-energy brand of garage-punk that is as equally noisy and unhinged as it is emotionally-charged and melodic.  The 26-minute 8-song album’s centerpiece is “Blockhead”, the longest track by far at 5 minutes; with a quiet/loud dynamic and fuzzed-out guitars, the band’s love for The Kink’s and early grunge rock are in full effect.         
Frontman Jake Wittig says of the track, “The song is about chasing somebody, somebody who told you they weren't worth chasing, and telling yourself it's worth it anyway.  The title actually came first- on the guitar, the riff felt a little..."square" to me...blockish, so I nicknamed it "Blockhead" when I recorded the riff in my phone and it stuck.  For the whole record I really wanted to try to get a sort of T. Rex/Mark Bowland-esque chorus sound on my voice. I'm most happy with how that turned out on this track.”
Pre-order Glittervomit on limited edition colored vinyl, cassette and CD here:  
Stream “Blockhead” here:


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