Thursday, March 29, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat – (Extended All Heavy Edition)

By The Grace of God – “A Forever Pledge” (Featuring members of Elliott, Guilt, Black Cross, Endpoint and others; the 90’s hardcore pioneers return with their first new material in over two decades.  The new 6-song EP, Above Fear is out tomorrow on State Of Mind Recordings and features their powerful yet melodic brand of hardcore punk alongside scathing political and fiery social commentary that speaks to these tumultuous times; urging action in the pit and the political arena.  A most welcome and timely return for a sorely missed band.  Check out the anthemic closing track with its hopeful message here.)

Zeke – “Working Man” (Seattle-based 90’s punk rock vets return tomorrow with Hellbender, their first album in over fourteen years.  Released on Relapse Records and produced by legend Jack Endino (Nirvana, High on Fire) the new album is fast, furious and the perfect soundtrack for driving, even though it will be over before you even pull out of the driveway with their short, to the point songs.  After 25 years as a band, they still crank out raging rock and roll mixed with speedy and aggressive punk rock with ageless attitude.  Check out their cover of Rush’s “Working Man” here, condensed into less than a minute and a half!  Not really, but that would be crazy!)   

Will Haven – “El Sol” (The Sacramento noise metal masters recently returned with their long-awaited sixth album, Muerte, out now on minus HEAD Records.  Their highly-influential debut album, El Diablo was released over 20 years ago and this new album rivals its predecessor with their most visceral and chaotic set of songs yet.  From the beginning, Will Haven and the Deftones have been kindred spirits and Stephen Carpenter contributes his trademark guitars to the epic, hauntingly atmospheric closing track heard here.)   

The Sword – “Twilight Sunrise” (The retro-minded Austin metal quartet recently released their sixth album, Used Future.  Change is evident in the new album – out now on Razor & Tie - with Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists) producing and more emphasis on melody over doomy heaviness with the use of stomping Led Zeppelin-esque riffs and rhythms and Thin Lizzy-like guitar melodies.  Check out the soaring, classic rock inspired melodies and tumbling rhythm of the standout single here.)

Iron Reagan & Gatecreeper – “Paper Shredder”/”War Has Begun” (Relapse Records recently released a split EP from two of their emerging bands - Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper.  Leading off is Iron Reagan with their caustic crossover-inspired hybrid of punk and metal that recalls D.R.I.  Closing out the EP is Arizona old school death metal revivalists Gatecreeper, who rip through three densely heavy and horrid tracks.  This new split EP is the perfect introduction for new fans.  Check out a song from each band below.)  
Stream: Iron Reagen – “Paper Shredder”
Stream: Gatecreeper – “War Has Begun”


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