Friday, January 19, 2018

3 Songs: On Repeat

The Shins – “Heartworms (Flipped)” (James Mercer and crew are set to release The Worm’s Heart, a new companion album and complete reworking of last year’s Heartworms.  Out today on Columbia Records, the album showcases Mercer’s excellent songwriting by flipping the slow songs from Heartworms into up-tempo arrangements – with touches of disco, sparkling 80’s synths and reggae - and the faster songs are reimagined as slower ballads and all with the same impeccable, indelible indie-pop aplomb that has become his calling card.)   

Typhoon – “Rorschach” (The Portland indie-rock band’s fourth album, Offerings was released last week on Roll Call Records.  The new album follows a noir-ish lyrical concept that depicts a man losing his memory and all that entails alongside music that is equally as intense and disjointed; with dark and dense atmospherics that contrast nicely with the soaring anthemic moments and swirling cinematics for their best album yet.) 

Perfect Beings – “Anunnaki - Patterns of Light” (The L.A. based progressive rock band will release their third album, Vier, today via InsideOut/Sony Music.  Led by the core of vocalist/pianist Ryan Hurtgen and guitarist Johannes Luley, the new album is their most ambitious yet.  It is a double album split into four unique suites, that combine elements of prog, rock, jazz and synth-driven dream-pop with virtuoso performances.  Though not featured on the album, ex-Cynic drummer extraordinaire Sean Reinert recently joined the band and will make his live debut with the band in May at RoSfest in Gettysburg, PA.)


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