Monday, October 09, 2017

Stone Temple Pilots – Core 25th Anniversary Reissue

At the height of the grunge and alternative rock era of the early 90’s, emerged a band that was seen as intruders at first but soon won over fans and critics with their artful blend of glam and hard rock.  Stone Temple Pilots released their chart-climbing debut album Core, 25 years ago on the strength of standout singles and modern rock mainstays such as “Sex Type Thing”, “Creep”, “Wicked Garden” and “Plush”.  Led by the charismatic and oft-troubled late frontman, Scott Weiland along with brothers, Robert and Dean DeLeo and Eric Kretz, STP created a sound that referenced the Seattle grunge scene but was more inspired by glam and psychedelic, groove-heavy classic rock.    
To celebrate, Atlantic Records in association with Rhino Records has just released a Super Deluxe Reissue of Core that consists of 4 CDs, 1 DVD and 1LP.  The first of the four CDs (along with the included 180-gram LP) contains the newly remastered original album.  The spotlight is on the second disc which is full of previously unreleased rarities and demo versions including the rare non-album track, “Only Dying”, which was one of four tracks recorded during the early 87-90 sessions under their previous moniker, Mighty Joe Young and originally set to be included on the soundtrack to the 1994 film  The Crow.  The third disc collects several live performances from 1993 – including their performance at the Reading Festival - and the fourth disc includes their legendary MTV Unplugged performance.  I recall seeing the music videos for the amazing Unplugged versions of “Plush” and “Creep” in rotation on MTV more than the original promo video for the track that year.  Additionally, the DVD includes all of the music videos from the four singles as well a 5.1 mix of the album.  The album also comes as a 1CD remaster and 2CD deluxe edition that includes the demos and rarities.   
 Stream “Only Dying” (Demo) here: 


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