Thursday, September 28, 2017

SHOW ALERT: Caustic Casanova at Blind Bob’s - Saturday, 9/30

The Washington, D.C. based heavy rock band Caustic Casanova is set to open their Fall tour in Dayton on Saturday 9/30 at Blind Bob’s alongside tour mates Irata and like-minded locals Close The Hatch and Floodwalker.   
The trio consists of guitarist Andre Yonki, vocalist/bassist Francis Beringer and drummer Stefanie Zaenker and they create an abrasive, sludgy and psychedelic brand of punk and hardcore-inspired noise-rock that recalls the Melvins, whom they cover on their most recent release, Pantheon Vol.2, a 2-song 7”.  The second in the "Pantheon" series of 7 inches was recorded by the legendary J. Robbins and features an original song on the A side - a re-imagining of a 2006 Caustic Casanova song, "Lord Pinto” – as well as artwork paying tribute to the band being covered, in this case the Melvins and their 1991 classic, “Cow”.  To make it their own, the band added in warped theremin to flesh out the original’s thunderous drum-heavy ending.      
Stream Pantheon Vol. 2 here then get your faces melted at Blind Bob’s on Saturday!
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