Friday, May 12, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Dreamcar – “Born To Lie” (Dreamcar is the new supergroup of 90’s era alt-punk vets – featuring Davey Havok of AFI and Tony Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont from No Doubt.   Channeling both the Cure and INXS, with taut and funky rhythms, shimmering guitars, neon-lit synths and swaying New Romantic melodies, they deliver a glycerin-slick 80’s-inspired sound on their self-titled debut album, out today on Columbia Records.)       

Slowdive – “Star Roving” (Sparked by their 2014 live reunion and subsequent live dates, after 22 years the UK shoegaze trailblazers - led by Neil Halstead – recently released their stunning and gorgeous self-titled fourth album via Dead Oceans.  After all of this time their sound remains a rapturous swirl of guitars and subtle synths with breathy, breath-taking dream-pop melodies rising above the hypnotic haze for a most welcomed return.)      

Mew – “Twist Quest” (The Danish art-pop band recently released their seventh album, Visuals, via Play It Again Sam.  The album is their first as a trio and on it they smooth out some of their proggier tendencies to allow Tears For Fears-like 80’s synth-pop to permeate the moods and melodies of the album; though their experimental streak is continued by jazz-informed trumpets and jammy, classic rock moments.)    

Have Mercy – “Coexist” (The Baltimore-based band recently released their long-awaited third album, Make The Best Of It, via Hopeless Records.  Led by the impassioned and slightly gruff vocals of Brian Swindle – the only remaining member – they create a Jimmy Eat World-like radio-ready brand of emo-laced punk that builds off of their last album. Catch them on tour now with Real Friends, Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside and Nothing, Nowhere.)     

Walter Martin – “Hey Matt” (The former Walkmen multi-instrumentalist recently released My Kinda Music, his third overall solo album and second kids music album.  Out now on Ile Flottante Music, the album features his unique voice and quirky pop sense along with his equally quirky and humorous personal narratives about his family history, crushes and more.  Guests include Laura Gibson and Matt Berninger of The National, who gives Walter singing lessons on the standout single, heard here.)


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