Monday, April 10, 2017

Stream It From The Mountain: Bummer & PINKO – Split 12”

Last week K.C.’s High Dive Records released a split 12” from Kansas sludge-punks Bummer and newcomers to the label, the likeminded San Antonio-based, PINKO.
Bummer utterly destroys their side with 5 tracks that showcase their blistering blend of noise-corrupted hardcore and 90’s-inspired sludge-punk.  The punishing “Birthday Snake”, with its shout-along hook stands out.     
PINKO – the trio of Ethan Campa, Guillermo Mendez and Jared Flores - scorches their side with 4 songs that attempt to harness their jagged and chaotic caterwauling noise-punk.  The stuttering yet propulsive rhythm of “Spit Out YR Dull Rock” stands out like a mission statement and a call to arms all in one.        
In addition to the black vinyl, the split is also available on limited edition pink cassette and the two bands will be touring in April together.
Stream the Bummer/PINKO split here:


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