Friday, April 14, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat

JOESPH – “Temples” (Joey Cook - formerly of Cincy psych-pop band Pomegranates – and his band with fellow ex-Pom, Pierce Geary and Devyn Glista are set to release their sophomore album, Temples today via Cook’s own Eyebrow Palace Records.  The trio combines Krautrock grooves, shoegaze haze and psychedelic dream-pop into a swirling set of psych-rock songs that are as catchy as they are hypnotically transcendent.  The new album is available on CD and in a limited super deluxe box set with surprise extras to enhance the listening experience.)  

Royal Thunder – “Plans” (The Atlanta rock band - led by the bluesy, soulful howl of bassist Miny Parsonz and songwriter/guitarist Josh Weaver – recently released WICK, their third album and first for their new label, Spinefarm Records.  Stepping away from the heavier, stoner rock riffs of their past two albums, they focus more on melody with an impressive blend of smoky blues-rock and catchy, 90’s grunge and alternative rock along with Rush-like prog-rock tendencies for an album packed with arena-worthy anthems like the aching, folk-driven and soul-soaked standout heard here.)

We Ride – “What You Are” (Out today on Victory Records, is Empowering Life, the long-awaited third album from the Spain-based hardcore band fronted by female vocalist Mimi Telmo.  The album – much like the single heard here, featuring vocals from JJ Peters of Deez Nuts – is full of poignant socially-minded lyrics, shout-along gang vocals and raging riffs that recall the old school hardcore and punk rock of the 80’s and 90’s yet still has one foot in the present for an impressive label debut.)


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