Friday, April 21, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat (Extended Edition)

Nothing Left – “Hands Of Death” (Nothing Left is the new band featuring brothers, Ryan and Brandon Leitru of recently dissolved Christian metalcore band For Today and also includes Silent Planet drummer Alex Camarena and A Bullett For Pretty Boy vocalist Danon Saylor. The supergroup’s impressive debut EP, Destroy And Rebuild is out today on Facedown Records and it features 6 songs of unrelenting and visceral hardcore aggression that proves the duo has way more left to give.)   

The Black Angels – “Half Believing” (Today, the Austin, TX psych-rock institution known as The Black Angels will release Death Song, their long-awaited fifth album and first for label Partisan Records.  The band remains consistently great and the stellar new album is a product of the current political environment with nerve-stricken energy and a droning heaviness that threatens to overtake their infectious 60’s psych-pop informed melodies.)      

Charly Bliss – “Percolator” (The NYC based band is set to release their hotly-anticipated debut album, Guppy today on Barsuk Records.  Fuzzed-out 90’s guitar riffs that recall Weezer’s solo-loving style and instantly catchy and endlessly energetic power-pop melodies combine with frontwoman Eva Hendricks’ cute yet cutting voice for this year’s best guitar-pop debut.)    

Benchmarks – “Frames” (The Nashville-based indie rock band is led by vocalist/guitarist Todd Farrell Jr., also of Columbus punk vets Two Cow Garage.  After a slight stylistic shift and a name change – from Todd Farrell Jr. & The Dirty Birds to Benchmarks - their new album, Our Undivided Attention could be considered a debut and was recently released by Sofaburn Records.  On the album, they create a brand of punk-inspired rock that equally pulls the nostalgia strings for 90’s emo as well as straight-forward rock like The Replacements along with heady lyrics and sharp hooks.)


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